Casas Valleparaizo are the only houses located in the exuberant Vale Paraíso near the village of Camacha, which is only 6 Km from Funchal. Scroll

Walks About

Madeira island Levada and Mountain Walks

This region presents, to nature lovers and those who enjoy a good walk, several proposals of walk abouts along the various levadas, that way the visitor can come across many breathtaking Madeira Island sceneries, while he is walking through the Island's ancient water courses. Since Levada da Serra passes right through the estate, we suggest a walk about towards Santo da Serra, which would represent a less than one-hour walk to the centre of Camacha Village.

A walk towards Funchal is another option, one which would represent a four/five hours walk to Monte; firstly one walks until the end of Levada do Vale Paraíso, then one should go down until we reach Levada dos Tornos, which goes all the way to Monte. From Monte one can descend to Funchal by another of the island's tourist attractions, the wickerwork sledge or by the cable car. The route back to Camacha can be comfortably made by regional bus ner 129.

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