Casas Valleparaizo are the only houses located in the exuberant Vale Paraíso near the village of Camacha, which is only 6 Km from Funchal. Scroll

Our History

In the beginning of last century, Dr Rui da Câmara, the property owner at that time in Vale Paraízo, enlarged the area of his property with several acquisitions, reaching up to 200 acres, turning, in that way, Vale Paraízo into the largest private estate in Madeira, at the time.

By 1954, the lands were divided by four of his six sons and Casas Valleparaízo were now inserted in a strip of land with the total dimension of 50acres. Several of the rural constructions that existed in the area were recovered, a vast number of trees, mainly belonging to the Laurissilva forest, were planted there, the access roads were arranged, as well as large garden areas.

The estate comes from the main road and goes all the way to Levada da Serra and above. The same levada crosses along the entire property, making this an easy and accessible stroll for tourists, should they be looking for something like that.

Casas Valleparaízo, which were, in the early years, cottages to support the local agriculture, and whose construction goes back to two hundred years ago, were, in the late nineties rebuilt to be used for tourist exploration, offering its guests the genuine experience of being in the middle of country nature.

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