Casas Valleparaizo are the only houses located in the exuberant Vale Paraíso near the village of Camacha, which is only 6 Km from Funchal. Scroll

Dente de Alho

Casa do Alho is divided in two cottages: Alhinho and Dente de Alho. If it is your interest to rent the whole cottage, for a maximum of five adults, please contact us first.

It is the cottage with the largest dimensions of the entire property, having a vast lawn and being surrounded by many indigenous plants. The origin of its name comes from the fact that the cottage was, originally, the home for a family of settlers named Alho (Garlick). Traditionally, this one was the country house for the Câmara family until the central fruit warehouse was recovered for that purpose.

Dente de Alho is a one-storey house with one double bedroom, lodging up to two persons, one bathroom, the kitchen is in the living room, which has a fire-place.

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