Casas Valleparaizo are the only houses located in the exuberant Vale Paraíso near the village of Camacha, which is only 6 Km from Funchal. Scroll

Casa da Maçã

Casa da Maçã is a two-storey cottage with the offer of a “mezzanine” level, it is composed of a double bedroom, lodging up to two persons, a bathroom, a kitchen and a cosy living room with a fireplace.

Its guests can park their car in the main car park, only 50 meters away from the cottage. Quite small and cosy, this cottage is more than one hundred and fifty years old and it had been the home for the bailiff of the estate for three consecutive generations. The kitchen, faithful to the tradition of the houses built at that time, is a small construction separate from the mother house and is currently a storage-room. Its name was put down to due to the vast apple-tree orchard surrounding the cottage.

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